Dangerous Gas Plant Explosion in Austria


VIENNA/MILAN:  One person and 21 others wounded in an explosion that occurred in Austria’s main gas pipeline hub on Tuesday. This led Italy to announce a state of emergency.

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The information about the explosion led to the increase in rates of gas.

“Streams on the Trans Austria Gas (TAG) pipeline towards Italy, the West Austria Gas pipeline to Germany and the Hungaria-Austria Gas pipeline will be restore throughout the following couple of hours,” Gas Connect Austria stated.

The photographs of incident have gone viral on the social media. It represented fire rising from a landscape. The nearby areas were seized after the explosion. About 250 firefighters reached to the spot to douse the flames.

As per emergency services, nearly one person died and 21 others wounded. On Tuesday afternoon, the flame was extinguished by the firefighters.

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Gas Connect Austria reported, the explosion badly affected about 100 metres (330 feet) area.