Dana Majhi has money now, but nothing valuable


Melghar : The way to Dana Majhi's vacant one-room mud cottage is constantly opened. Notwithstanding being given Rs 9 lakh from different government plans and private gifts after his significant other's demise, there is nothing important in here – a change of garments, a couple of shoes that aren't shoes. 

The main thing that can't be supplanted is the memory of his dead spouse, whose photo holds tight a clear, mildew covered It was her body, wrapped in a sheet, that Dana Majhi was conveying home from a healing facility 80 km away, when he was captured by a TV team a month ago. The photos had frequented India, bringing up different issues about poise in death for the country's poor and the part of the administration and the medicinal services framework. 

Presently, fairly late in the day, Dana Majhi has come to more cash than he has had in his whole life.So what might you do in the event that you were Dana Majhi and got such a fortune? Purchase an auto? There are no streets in Melghar town. Put resources into essentials like a fan or an ice chest? There's no power either.Dana Majhi has chosen to get his three little girls taught – something that has been a fantasy for the homestead worker so far.But it likewise implies a difficult separating – instruction, as well, is not accessible in the town. The young ladies will need to leave to state capital Bhubaneswar – 13 hours away, allowing him to sit unbothered. 

10-year-old Sonai still separates at the notice of her mom. However to grapple with losing her mom, Sonai fears leaving from her dad. "I will miss my dad," she says simply.Her 14-yr-old more seasoned sister Chandani, who was caught on camera strolling adjacent to her dad on his 10 km trek conveying her mom's body, is stoic. His most youthful little girl is 5-year-old. Be that as it may, Dana Majhi is clear about what he needs for his girls. "I will teach them. What will they do here? They ought to have a superior life," he said. 

In Kalahandi, Dana Majhi is presently something of a legend. Individuals attend to streets to get a look at him. Numerous theorize that he will be made town sarpanch or given a ticket in the following elections.His neighbors joyfully reviewed that on the tenth day after his significant other's demise, as a component of the last rituals, Mahji had welcomed them for a conventional dinner. Two goats and a quintal of chicken were readied. Dana Majhi's setback implied that they mulled over full stomachs that night. 

There are numerous Dana Majhis in Kalahandi. The supreme and resolute destitution of Odisha resemble the famous multi-headed beast – cut coincidental and another promptly develops in its place. At the Bhavanipatna District headquarter healing facility, where Dana Majhi had brought his debilitated spouse if all else fails, comparative scenes are still noticeable. 

Siblings Kanhaiya and Ravi Bagh sit forsakenly by their dad's dead body wrapped in a cover. He passed on at 1 am and they have been sitting tight for 7 hours for a rescue vehicle to take them home according to the state government's Mahaparayana plan.