Daily Horoscope: 30th May 2017



Tension at work can be a little unsettling, where unexpected issues can rattle your cage. In spite of the ups and downs, the prospects for pleasing developments at home and a broad insight into some of the secrets of life can help you overcome some of these tacky little obstacles


Some financial benefit can be achieved, so long as you keep up a good grip on that typical sarcasm and biting wit for which you are known, whether not feared. Your head won’t not be completely in contact with your heart, at least for some of the day, but the evening releases the tension


You are in danger of believing that your way is the best way to approach a financial situation. If you could only be more open-minded rather than conceited, you would understand that a solution is right in front of you.


Love and romance should blossom well for you. You will gain the required strength and depth in your relationship. The positive reaction from your sweetheart is on the cards. So cool your nerves and take a sweet break with your hearts best.


You may have a quarrel with a parent or authority figure today. It’s sufficient to get you emotionally charged but you might need to understand this is a response that works against you. Handle, don’t respond.


Today there’s an enchanting spell happening Love becomes magic for all but it’s possible that you will be deceived in a communication with friend or family member. See it for what it is


Stars are today giving you more of a sensitive edge than usual. It’s possible that you will try to discuss your feelings so much that other individuals begin to tune you out.


It’s time to let go of whatever psychological baggage is holding you back. You’re almost ready to embrace the world in a whole new manner but it’s important to ‘let go’ of some incomplete business first


You have a depressing day on your hands. This weight is heaviest around your home and family life and domestic woes conspire to keep you down


A magnificent and innovative thought you come up with has the potential to change the course of your life direction today. You are brilliant!This is a fantastic day to remain home and reflect on your inner world and imagination. Security and love starts with the self.


You have a knack for handling details in a home related matter today. It’s possible that your physical home needs some attention – a leaky faucet or broken something or other. You’ll deal with it.


It’s possible to overdo it with a companion today in order to try and maintain peace. This could be the same individual from yesterday, or maybe a different one. Either way, you appear to willing to bend over backwards for this individual