Daily Horoscope: 16th July 2017



Somebody you work with might be trying to make you look bad. Somebody you work with might be withholding significant information. Legal issues that have been pending might be alleviated through compromise.


Today, time will fly by. You have made a lot of plans for yourself. You may have a bitter experience with a colleague, but this will be cleared up soon. You should give time to your beloved today and drop all plans you have made with your companions to spend time with them.


You may find that your supervisor is not delighted with your work lately. Toning, fitness, pampering should all be planned. You may find that others don’t do things the way you want; however, if the job gets done, let it pass.


Stars indicate fun, sports, children, romance and social activities which will take up the majority of your time. You will appreciate the organization of your newfound love. An inclination to gamble may take hold of you from time to time, listen to that little voice in your head which tells you to control yourself particularly today


You will be glad today. There will be a lively atmosphere at home, work and wherever you find yourself. However, individuals around you may act strangely and out of character. This is because of the position of the stars. Try and be tolerant to situations. Everything will have back to normal soon.


Today the fitness bug may act like a bee in your bonnet. You may feel the need for the release obtained from physical exercises. There is a possibility of high voltage sex too. You may meet somebody very special with whom you will be interested in forming long term relationships


You may have a strong urge to take the bull by the horn. Untimely confrontation may give negative results. Relax. Only a little tact will enable you to achieve more in a few days. You may even show signs of hypersensitivity. Avoid arguments and don’t give others a chance to bother you.


A day for letting your hair down. You will be pulled in opposite directions by two forces – on one hand the traditional ideas will pull you back while the new thoughts that you have been nurturing will push your forward. Do whatever makes you glad – stars favor you today with happiness


If you are in the artistic field, a satisfying day for you. You will be imaginative and your creativity will flow easily. However you might feel a little high-strung. Do not worry, it is a natural tendency of an artistic mind. Your costs may go totally haywire.


You may feel let down by a few people and might need to make legal action. Think carefully before you take any harsh or strong measures. You may alright, live to regret such a step. The last thing you need is to make a scene, leading to a state of open warfare. Your ego needs some sort of a boost


You may have a feeling being taken for granted today. Do not feel dampened and down. Individuals don’t understand the value of what they have now and again. You have to wait for the right time. This is basically because of the position of the stars. Everything will have returned to normal soon. Be tolerant


The emphasis is on relationships today. Your emotional quotient will be up to the mark. You will deal with relationships carefully. Individuals around you will tend to be very sensitive. Give yourself a chance to be controlled by your heart and not your head. You will excel in handling people.