Daily Horoscope: 12th July 2017



Companions will be in touch, however it’s time to return to your usual routine. You may even feel inspired to do some tidying up. If you’re stressed over different tasks and chores that you haven’t done recently, get themout of the way so you can relax


You are more worried about personal aspirations and happiness, particularly the satisfaction you derive (or not!) from your part as life partner, child, parent, friend, lover, or associate.


Reconsider before getting involved in a row with someone because you’ll both be determined to get your own way, and the results could be somewhat upsetting. Neither of you will want to lose face, which will mean that you’ll both be extremely reluctant to back down or apologize. This is how wars begin, so try to avoid triggering your own outbreak of hostilities.


Neither be a borrower nor lender on this somewhat unpleasant day. Your compassionate side may urge you to lend a companion a hand, and that is fine if it doesn’t include cash or compromise your personal values. Do what you can to help without enabling bad behaviour or addiction


Some of you will feel like you have a guardian angel watching over you; as much worry as you are under, everything should work out today. Your closest companion might be on the warpath – this is likewise a high-stress day for your partner, so continue with caution. Don’t play ‘my day was worse than your day’ games unless you want to pay dearly.


Good friends come to the rescue, asking you to get out and have some good times when you most need it. Life can’t be all work and no play, you crave a feast for the senses. It’s a great opportunity to take a break, whether you go out for lunch or meet after work for drinks. The bonds make now will help pull you through rough times.


You’ll have to work as a team to complete things today; a group effort is important to implement changes. Causes of a humanitarian nature are favored; the more selfless your efforts, the more success you will see. A psychic bond joins you with your companions and partners; don’t be surprised if you experience spontaneous telepathy.


It might appear like you should be in three better places at once on this busy day! Try not to spread yourself too thinly, because you won’t be any good to anybody if you collapse from the strain. This evening, be sure to make a beeline for home, sweet home. Nowadays, it’s more important than ever to be in tune with the people you live with!


Splendid thoughts are energised as life’s mysteries take the focus. Open up your heart and you’ll be charmingly amazed. You will be able to change your emotional, spiritual; and financial lives by taking action today


Don’t be surprised if you have unusual dreams now; subconscious issues tend to come to the surface. Many of you will also experience psychic phenomena at this time… as grounded as you seem to be, some of the time it isn’t just your imagination. However, nothing is as it seems today, so move with caution, if at all


A large number of you will be feeling intense today, but if you find yourself feeling foul, don’t take it out on a chicken, take time to balance and focus yourself. Make a list of things that you are thankfull for and release any resentments you are carrying. Be careful tonight, as sudden aggression can come out of nowhere.


If you have overextended yourself in a heartfelt desire to saveĀ  the world, it’s a great opportunity to step back and concentrate on your own needs. Favorable luck is working to support you behind the scenes, so have confidence that all will turn out well. Your imagination is full of magical power; dream your dreams and allow Spirit to work on you in your sleep