Dad Recorded Daughter On First Day Of School Every Year, And Video Is So Adorable!


A father’s graduation present for his daughter, which took 12 years to complete, has turned into a web sensation everywhere throughout the Internet. Father Kevin Scruggs, a life coach and author, taped his little girl Mackenzie on the first day of school in each grade. On June 10, when his girl at long last moved graduated from high school, he posted the video montage shot throughout 12 years. The outcome is a great video that is becoming a web sensation for all the correct reasons. The video has gathered more than 1.8 million views – and very much counting.

“I interviewed my daughter on her first day of school since the first grade. Today she graduated from high school,” Mr Scruggs says on YouTube. The video demonstrates him talking with his daughter consistently ideal from first grade up until twelfth grade. In every one of the clasps set up together, Mr Scruggs either asks Mackenzie what she did at school or her most loved thing she did in class or what she looks forward in the year to come. The last montage makes for a great watch.

“Individuals are watching in three minutes what I’ve had the privilege to watch in 13 years.”

With Father’s Day coming around the corner, chances are this video will help you to remember all the delightful things your father has accomplished for you.