Dacoits murdered couple, gang-raped 2 women in Mewat


GURGAON: On Wednesday night in Mewat, a farmer and his wife were trodden to death and his two nieces supposedly raped by a gang of armed men tiring masks who tormented the rest of the family for four hours in their house on a farmland. The six others are being treated in hospital. Police are investigating the gangs that function in the region based on report from the family that two of the men were decent only in undergarments whereas the rest were fully dressed.

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The motive, prima facie, appear to be a burglary as the gang took away whatever cash and jewellery they could locate and a two-wheeler. In that, it had a frightening similarity with the Bulandhahahr gang rapes with a gang of robbers indicted of dragging a woman and her daughter out of a car travelling on a national highway and sexually assaulting them. Police officials have also further conveyed that, the farmland belongs to a Delhi dweller who, had rented it to the murdered man for farming.

 The house where the family lives -a concrete room with a thatched roof extension -is an isolated structure located in the middle of a farmland, and is around 3km from the nearest village, Dingerheri. Mewat is part of the Gurgaon parliamentary constituency, though it is a detach district. Police officials have also further conveyed that, the family was sleeping, the men on charpoys outside the house and the women within the room, when it was harass.

The murdered farmer was 40 and communal the place with his brother and his family. With holding their names because the examination involves a solemn sexual assault charge. According to the police grievance registered by the 22-year old rape sufferer, the elder of the two sisters, the women had hurried outside the room when they heard screams.she also further conveyed in a statement that, they snatched our dupattas, tied the men to the cots and beat everybody with rods and sticks.

"They were equipped with country-made pistols." Then, they assault her and her minor sister. "They raped us and endangered to kill everybody," conveyed the sufferer, who was visiting her fatherly home. According to the complaint the attack could have sustained longer, had one of the family associate not managed to escape and reach a tube well about a kilometre away to alert his.

When the gang sensed villagers coming, they locked the family inside the room and left around 3am. The 40-year-old farmer and his wife died in hospital. Their two teenaged sons are out of danger. An FIR was registered under sections 459 (grievous hurt), 460 (trespass and attack) and 376 D (gang rape) of IPC and the POCSO Act. Inspector Jai Prakash, SHO of Tauru police station has also further conveyed that, it appears to be murder and gang rape during a burglary.

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