Cyclone Roanu killed 24 in Bangladesh


Dhaka: Bangladesh suffered immense destruction on the south coast due to Cyclone Roanu at least 24 people killed and over 100 injured. The administration took 5 million people to safe places.

With a wind speed of up to 88 kilometres per hour, the cyclone hit the Barisal-Chittagong region on Saturday, impacting the entire country. Most places witnessed rain and thunder showers accompanied by temporary gusty and squally wind.

"The death toll now stands at 24 with four more casualties reported overnight," Bangladesh's Disaster Management department's Director General Reaz Ahmed

“In terms of infrastructural and other damages, Chittagong suffered most as well as the cyclone damaged some 40,000 homesteads and business houses there,” Ahmed said.

Meteorologists said the cyclone first hit the southwestern coast and then proceeded towards the southeast turning the sea very rough.

Bangladesh is vulnerable to cyclones because of its location at the triangular shaped head of the Bay of Bengal, the sea-level geography of its coastal area and its high population density.