Cyclists attempt riding on roof of moving train, nearly fall off, Here’s the video


Two thrill-seekers from Russia played with danger as they attempted a reckless stunt on top of a moving train by trying to ride their bikes on its roof. The video of their stunt is being shared on social media.

The more than two-minute-long video shows one of them grabbing his bike in one hand while holding on to the train. The individual shooting the video then helps his accomplice climb up and what follows next is just mindlessly dangerous to say the least.

The young fellows then take turns trying to ride the bicycle with one of them almost falling off the moving train as the bike wobbles. But rather than being discouraged by the near disaster, the pair continue their antics.

Watch their stunt below. Needless to say please don’t try this anywhere.

The pair’s risky stunt also made it to a local news channel, a clip of which they posted on social media.