Cyanogen’s Kirt McMaster reportedly stepped down as CEO


Cyanogen’s Kirt McMaster has allegedly ventured down as CEO of the organization, which could be taken as a sign that Cyanogen is in fact as yet confronting extreme times. McMaster has taken up the part of Executive Chairman of Cyanogen. Strikingly, McMaster has overhauled his LinkedIn profile to mirror the new part taken up by him. Shockingly, Cyanogen is yet to declare the venturing down of McMaster.

Android Police brings up that Cyanogen’s authentic site still records Kirt McMaster as the CEO of the organization. This may imply that a declaration is on the cards and can be made at whatever time.

Back in July, Cyanogen was said to experience a noteworthy patch up where it was additionally cutting employments. A few reports proposed that the organization led cutbacks where it solicited approximately 30 out from the 136 peopleto leave – around 20 percent of whole workforce. The greatest effect of the cutbacks was on the group behind the Cyanogen OS business dissemination, and not those included with the CyanogenMod extend.

Confirming reports that Cyanogen slashed almost 20 percent of its entire workforce, McMaster had later written on Twitter, “Really sad we had to let go of some wonderful folks this week. Start-ups and disruption are brutal.”

A report last month alleged that Cyanogen reported “inaccurate” user numbers. In 2014, Cyanogen reported that it had around 20 million “tracked” users while this number rose to 25 million by 2015. Notably, the numbers cited were for the CyanogenMod ROM and not Cyanogen OS. Though, an internal document leak claimed that the reported user base was incorrect figures by the company.