This cute lil injured monkey evacuated From Rashtrapati Bhavan


NEW DELHI:  In a surprising incident, Rashtrapati Bhavan of Delhi faced a new wounded visitor recently and it was none other than a monkey. He took decision to stay within the President’s residence. The staff of Rashtrapati Bhavan found wounded animal during a meeting room and the issue was being directed to the Wildlife SOS team.

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The helpline team immediately reached to the spot to help him.  Wildlife SOS team gives protection and medical aid to those animals that are in pain across the Delhi NCR region.

The two member team recovered the wounded monkey below the chairs.

“Our team has to be careful while extricating injured animals so as to avoid causing further stress or pain,” Wasim Akram of Wildlife SOS Special Projects affirmed.

When the animal was being investigated, Wildlife SOS Team revealed that he faced massive injury in the shoulder area.

“This injured animal is likely to be a victim of human-animal conflict and it took shelter in a place where it found safety,” co-founder and CEO of Wildlife SOS, Kartick Satyanarayan affirmed.

“Human-primate conflict, often termed as monkey menace, is on the rise, sadly because of the fragmentation and disappearance of the original habitat that these animals depend on.”

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Currently, the wildlife SOS Special Project team has taken the monkey in observation. Soon, he will be shifted to his native place after getting proper medical facility.