Customs Department To Move Towards Paperless Regime From December


NEW DELHI: The Finance Ministry on Monday said the traditions office is moving towards a paperless administration and getting rid of accommodation of specific records physically by shippers and exporters from December 1.

The move would help shippers and exporters move towards electronic informing and without paper environment and further upgrade the ‘Simplicity of Doing Business’ by diminishing or disposing of physical printouts for traditions freedom, an official articulation said.

As indicated by the Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) roundabout, merchants and exporters will hereafter not be required to submit paper reports, for example, GAR 7 shapes/TR 6 Challans, Trans-shipment Permit (TP), Shipping Bill (Exchange Control duplicate and Export Promotion duplicate) and Bill of Entry (Exchange Control Copy) to Banks/DGFT/Customs Ports.

The directions are to be made operational from December 1, 2016, the announcement included.As 95 for each penny of the shippers are presently paying obligation through e-installment and these archives can be seen on the ICEGATE e installment Gateway, the requirement for print-out of GAR 7 Forms/TR6 Challans is not required, the service said.

It said the CBEC gives duplicates of the carefully marked Shipping Bill to DGFT furthermore the information of Shipping Bill is incorporated with the EDPMS (Export Data Processing and Monitoring System) of RBI. Hence, printing of the Exchange Control duplicate and Export Promotion duplicate of the Shipping Bill for manual accommodation by the exporter is not required.

Thus, with the operationalisation of the IDPMS (Import Data Processing and Monitoring System) banks are not required to get a physical duplicate of Bill of Entry from the shipper as a confirmation of import since information can be moved in secured way from the arrangement of traditions division to IDPMS. It has been, along these lines, chose to suspend the printing of Exchange control duplicate of Bill of Entry.

All traditions houses at Ports, Air Cargo Complex, ICDs and CFCs have been requested that issue open notice saying that shippers and exporters would not be required to submit paper archives.