A cruise ship came dangerously close to home of a couple in Florida, Here’s the video


A couple in Florida got quite a scare when a cruise ship came too close for-comfort to their beach-facing home. A video has emerged of a man waving his arms in panic as the gigantic cruise-liner comes within metres of their house. The video has been shot by the man’s better half who can be heard yelling in horror. “This is too close. No. Don’t cross. Get out”, said the lady.

Bill Todhunter from Fort Lauderdale posted the video on Twitter on March 4.

‘This thing is going to the house, and I was truly stressed. I was stressed over my better half. I was stressed over the canines, and I was stressed over the house’, Yasmine Todhunter told media.

The couple, who have been living in the house for a long time, said they’ve never experienced anything like this. ‘We’ve seen them come, what we call close, however never to where the ship has had to stop, place itself into reverse, back out into the channel and eventually go back to sea’, said Bill. The voyage send apparently came quite close to their home.

Bill posted the video on the Facebook page of the organization that operates the cruise ship Celebrity Equinox. The organization denied any lapses by the ship. ‘The ship operated safely and did not put visitors or team at risk. We can likewise affirm the ship did not touch bottom’, said the organization in an answer to Bill’s post.