Crocodile Bites Zookeeper’s Head, Stunt Gone Wrong

Crocodile Daredevils Pattaya

The heart-halting minute a stunt turned out badly amid a crocodile appear in Thailand has been gotten on camera. A video posted on YouTube on June 16, demonstrates a crocodile snatching a zookeeper’s head amid a performance. The zookeeper had put his head inside the crocodile’s open mouth when the reptile snapped its jaws closed before a panicked gathering of people. The zookeeper can be seen writhing in pain as the crocodile brutally whipped him on the ground. The reptile in the long run let the zookeeper go and slid into the water close by.

A tourist caught the scene on camera amid a show in Koh Samui, Thailand, last Sunday. The video demonstrates the zookeeper first performing trickswith two sticks while the crocodile kept its mouth totally open. He can then be seen stooping before the crocodile and setting his head between its open jaws. The reptile kept its mouth open for a few moments before closing it down on the zookeeper’s head.