Cristiano Ronaldo Statue Mocked On Twitter And Became Talk Of The Town


Wednesday was a groundbreaking day for Cristiano Ronaldo. The Real Madrid striker had a international airplane terminal renamed in his respect. The airplane terminal in the island of Madeira was renamed ‘Cristiano Ronaldo Madeira International Airport’ within the sight of Portuguese PM, President and a huge number of fans. The player said he was ‘glad and respected’ to have given his name to the air terminal.

In any case, what truly stole all the spotlight at the occasion was a weird looking bust of the footballer that will now welcome explorers at the air terminal. Twitter rushed to bring up that the statue looked in no way like the player and rapidly turned into a memes online.


The 32-year-old player is a local hero in Madeiro where he was born. Yet, resembles the statue will be the talking point in Madeira for quite a while.