Crazy Zodiac Facts


Here Are Some Crazy Zodiac Facts:

Aries are intensely independent person  who needs somebody.

Taurus are extremely slow person who seems to magically get everything done.

Gemini are the people  you think is a idiot but actually a damn genius.

Cancer are the angles who has third perception that they’re a piece of shit.

Leo are the people they just need the simple thing to make them happy.

Virgos are the chill looking person who are absolutely not chill from inside.

Libra are eternal 7th grade who wants to be a model.

Scorpio are the people you think is angry demon but actually just irritated.

Sagittarius are the rockstar who wants the whole world.

Capricorn are the ultimate mysterious person you wants to have sex with.

Aquarius are the  true rebel without a cause.

Pisces are spiritually intelligent person who’s stuck in the stupid physical realm.