Crash victims remembered on World Day of Remembrance


Almost 40,000 people have died in road traffic accidents on the island of Ireland since records began in 1959.

So far this year, almost 170 people have been killed on roads in the Republic of Ireland.

Road safety groups are calling on road-users to remember the basics and to drive carefully at all times.

CEO of the Road Safety Authority (RSA) Moyagh Murdock says it is possible to change our attitude on the roads.Superintendent Con O’Donohue, An Garda Síochána said: “An Garda Síochána is committed to working to keep our roads free from death and serious injury, but to do this we need the support of each and every person.

As we head into the winter season and the evenings grow darker, we all must commit to thinking about road safety: every time you sit behind the wheel, get on your bicycle or motorbike, or head out for a walk, consider what you can do to improve your safety on the roads and the safety of everyone around you.

”In addition to the national occasions, the RSA will have a 'Mass of Remembrance' on its Facebook page, where individuals can share their recollections and leave a commemoration message for a friend or family member who has been executed or genuinely harmed on our streets.