Cow Vigilantes allegedly beat 2 dalits for skinning dead cow in Andhra Pradesh


VIJAYWADA: Police officials conveyed on Tuesday that, in East Godavari district a horde of "gau rakshaks" supposedly beat up two Dalits following they skinned a cow which had died due to electrocution. The occurrence took place at Janakipeta in Amalapuram town of the district in Andhra Pradesh. According to police officials, subsequent the cow died following electrocution, its proprietor, a farmer, engaged the two Dalits, who were brothers, for skinning the animal previously it was buried preceding night.

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On getting to know of the skinning, the "gau rakshaks" (cow vigilantes) went to the place and beat up the duo, recognized as Mokati Elisha and Lazer, believing that they had killed the animal. In Amalapuram the two were confessed to a hospital for treatment and Elisha's condition was serious. A police official has also further conveyed over phone from Amalapuram that, we have recorded a case under SCs/STs (Prevention of Atrocities) Act next to some persons, who are yet to be recognized. We are examined the case and congregation clues about the suspects.

The incident has taken place when the beating of a Dalit family at Una in Gujarat previous month created a countrywide uproar over cow vigilantism. Three days back, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his first public denouncement of cow vigilantes, had also further conveyed that he felt enraged at such "anti-social elements", who treated in crimes by the night and masqueraded as cow protectors by the day. A day afterward in Telangana, Modi had commanded people to be careful of "fake" cow protectors as they were annoying to create "tension and conflict" in the society and conveyed that "if you have to attack, attack me" but stop aggressive "my Dalit bretheren".

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