Cow urine products banned for Muslims, rules Darul Uloom


LUCKNOW: The use of any product that consists of cow urine has been banned in Islam. Under the rules of Darul Uloom Deoband, Uttar Pradesh this decision has been taken.

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Currently, Darul Uloom has the highest seat of education in Islam. The Deoband seminary said that the products which had declared contents of urine of cow were 'najayaz' (unlawful) in Islam.”

Before using the product, a person had asked the Darul Ifta department whether he can use the product or not. In response to his question, he said, “The products of Patanjali could be used, any product which declares that it had cow urine in it, should not be used by Muslims, as it was in contravention of the tenets of the religion.”

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