Cow smuggler killed in an encounter near Mahendergarh district


Chandigarh: On Wednesday a cow smuggler was killed and his three assistants detained following an encounter with police at a village in Mahendergarh district. Mahendergarh superintendent of police (SP) Hamid Akhtar has also further conveyed that, four cops also undergo minor injuries in the encounter. Bashir alias Kallu, a tenant of Tauru subdivision in Palwal district, was established dead in the truck in which cows were being smuggled. The detained three have been recognized as Farooq, Nisar and Rahessh. Although Rahessh is from Tauru, the other two belong to a village in Mewat district.

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According to reports, assistant sub-inspector (ASI) Ram Karan saw the smugglers in a light commercial vehicle on Ateli-Kanina road, captivating a cow and a bull in it. When he followed them, they shoved his car with their vehicle. Shortly subsequent to, the ASI knowledgeable the Mahendergarh SP and the district borders were sealed. Two squads of crime intelligence agency (CIA) wing were also sent at the spot. SP Akhtar has also further conveyed that, when the accused vehicle was catched by two CIA squads near Mohanpur village, the smugglers started fire on them. It led to disciplinary firing even as the smugglers tried to run away.

 Though the driver lost control of the vehicle and it revolve down a defile. All those on board ran towards fields. A hunt process was introduced and three accused were established hiding in the fields. The SP has also further conveyed that, through examination, the three revealed that there were eight cow accused in the vehicle. Our squads are demeanor raids in the close areas to nab them. He has also further conveyed that, Akhtar added that Bashir's bullet-riddled body was established in the rear of the vehicle, along with a cow and a bull.

Two country-made pistols were also found dead. Southern range examiner general of police (IG) Mamta Singh conveyed it was subsequent occurrence in which a smuggler had died in a gunbattle with police. The IG has also further conveyed that, smugglers come from Mewat area and steal cows for massacre. They move during night and attack cops when detained. This is 17th such occurrence over a period of five months. One cop was gravely wounded in one such attack three months ago and is still in coma. She conveyed the smugglers used specially-designed trucks for the purpose and hit police vehicles following which they opened fire without any fear. The IG has also further conveyed adding that, since this district shares its boundaries with Mewat and Palwal, it is very easy for the cow smugglers to function.

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