Courteney Cox laments cosmetic procedures


"Companions" star Courteney Cox has pledged not to have more cosnetic procedures since she supposes they made her look "terrible".

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The 52-year-old performing artist has chosen not to attempt and change her looks or end the maturing procedure anymore and is appreciative that the things she attempted were not perpetual, reported Female First. "Getting more seasoned is not the simplest thing. In any case, I have learned lessons. I was attempting to stay aware of getting more seasoned and attempting to pursue that. It's something you can't stay aware of. The more you unwind with it and the less you try…," she said.

"Now and again you end up attempting and afterward you take a gander at a photo of yourself and you go, 'Gracious god, I look frightful'. I have done things that I lament and fortunately there are things that disintegrate and leave. So that is great since it's not generally been my best look. Presently I have another maxim, let it be.

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