Court Warning : Ben Stokes to be jailed if found driving before December 14


Mumbai : England’s star all-rounder Ben Stokes might land up in jail if he is caught driving anytime in the next 6 months, after admitting to speeding as many as four times. Stokes has been banned from driving till mid-December after he appeared at the Northallerton Magistrates Court and pleaded guilty for speeding past road works in Yorkshire. 

He was caught by cameras in a 50mph limit section between Barton and Scotch Corner on the southbound carriageway at 7.01am on September 20 – just a week after top-scoring in a one-day international against Australia. He was captured by the cameras on the southbound carriageway early in the morning at 7.01 am on September 20, 2015.

Stokes was fined £830 by magistrate Anna Ramsden and it he is found driving before December 14, he might be jailed. This was happens after the final Test in Ashes 2015. The report added that two charges of not providing police with the identity were dropped after the cricketer admitted his offences. Stokes appeared for the hearing with his fiancée Clare Ratcliffe, and asked the judges, “Hi, how are you doing?”

The England cricketer was caught over speeding after the final Test against India in July 2014, as well as in September. Stokes was found speeding in a zone where the maximum speed allowed is 30 miles per hour. Stokes’ counsel Laura Nash said, “He is at a loss as to how there is an endorsement on the same date. He also faces the embarrassment of having to declare the disqualification to his employers, Durham and the ECB (England Cricket Board). He is very much aware that this sends out the wrong message, that a professional sportsman has been captured speeding on four separate occasions.”