Court Rejects Jailed AAP Minister’s ‘Plea’


NEW DELHI: A Delhi court today dismisses a supplication – moved by a legal advisor asserting to speak to previous Delhi priest Sandeep Kumar – that affirmed there was a risk to his customer's life and looked for headings for introducing CCTV cameras in the correctional facility and recording of his court appearance. 

Extraordinary Judge Poonam Chaudhry rejected the use of legal advisor AP Singh after the previous Minister told the court that he didn't choose Mr Singh as his resistance advice and Mr Singh took the mark in the "vakalatnama" (type of authorisation to an attorney to speak to a customer) asserting himself as a partner of his safeguard counsel Pradeep Rana. 

Be that as it may, Mr Singh denied the accommodation made by Mr Kumar and said that the previous AAP Minister readily named him as his barrier counsel. 

In the interim, the court expanded the legal guardianship of Mr Kumar till October 4. 

Mr Kumar's better half Ritu Kumar and his legal counselor Pradeep Rana had on Friday denied Mr Singh's case at a public interview in New Delhi. 

Ms Ritu Kumar said she met her better half in prison on Friday morning and the case that he was ambushed wasn't right. She said neither she nor Mr Kumar had delegated Mr Singh as his legal counselor. 

The previous Social Welfare and Women and Child Development Minister in the Delhi government was captured on September 3 after a lady drew closer the Sultanpuri police in north Delhi with a protestation of inappropriate behavior. 

He was reserved under Sections 376 (discipline for assault) and 328 (creating hurt by method for toxin, with goal to submit an offense) of the Indian Penal Code. 

Mr Kumar was additionally charged under the Information Technology Act's Section 67-A (discipline for distributed or transmitting of material containing sexually unequivocal act in electronic structure).