Couple got stunned after seeing this


In Market Harborough, Leics, A family was in a sticky shock when they discovered a bee’s nest in their attic, they noticed it when HONEY started coming out through their ceiling.

Hundreds of bees had formed hive in the attic of their Grade II-listed 18th century house.

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The family noticed a number of bees around the house in their attic …and they saw honey was pouring down from a bathroom ceiling in their house.

The hive in the attic of the Grade II listed house was removed and the ceiling had to be replaced in order to remove those nasty bees.

The landowner, were first aware of the hive when they noticed a “sticky substance” coming down in their light fittings.
The names of the owners have kept in secret in accordance of their wish.

Later, they discovered that the sticky substance was sweet honey, pouring down the ceiling in one of their bathrooms, as well as they noticed a lot of bees around the house.
The situation was so severe that the family’s ceiling had to be replaced after the hive was removed.

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The repairing work of the house was done under the “property insurance claim”
The bee expert called in, to tackle this situation, had to make a huge hole in the ceiling before discovering the huge hive.