Couple ‘Faked’ Photos to Claim Everest Expedition


An Indian couple are under investigation by Nepalese authorities amid allegations they doctored photographs of themselves to support false claims they reached the summit of Mount Everest to earn a certificate.

Dinesh and TarakeshwariRathod, both  Mumbai police constables, proclaims they reached the top of the world's highest mountain on May 23 — but fellow climbers cast doubt on their claim, saying their photos at the summit were doctored.

One man has submitted what he claims are the unaltered photos from the top of the summit, which show the same people in the background but no sign of Mr and Mrs Rathod.

"The expedition agency has confirmed that the photos submitted to the department were morphed by the Indian couple in order to get the certificate," Nepal tourism official Gyanendra Kumar Shrestha said after the inquiry.

Eight climbers have filed complaints against Mr and Mrs Rathod – and say such fraudulent claims belittle the achievements of genuine mountaineers who reach the 8,848m (29,029ft) summit. –

Rathods have been silent regarding the issue yet.