Couple calls off wedding after heated debate over PM Modi: UP


In UP strange incident occurred a couple called off their marriage after a heated argument about PM Modi. They seriously have different thinking on PM Modi’s monetary strategies.

Everything was well between the groom, a businessman, and bride, a government worker, till the topic of the PM and his monetary approaches were examined by the two. Truth be told, the discussion over PM Modi occurred when they went to a temple to make arrangement  for their wedding.

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Groom was in support of PM whereas his previous “sweetheart” had serious issues about the current economic slowdown of the country under the Modi regime.

There is not specific the names of the man and lady and their exact location. All the report expressed is that the couple is from UP.

After their warmed debate, the two chosen to part their ways. The choice of the couple stunned both the families as the reason refered to by them to end the cooperation sounded “odd” to a few people. While we respect the choice of the previous couple to cancel their wedding, in the meantime PM Modi, with no blame of his own, is unwittingly being blamed for souring relationships between different individuals.