corn schezwan fried


ingredients (measuring cup used, 1 cup = 250 ml)

for cooking rice:

½ cup basmati rice

3 cups water

¼ teaspoon salt


2 to 2.5 cups cooked rice

other ingredients:

1 medium corn cob or 1 cup steamed corn kernels or canned sweet corn

1 tablespoon sesame oil/til ka tel

½ teaspoon finely chopped garlic/lahsun

⅓ cup finely chopped spring onion whites or 2 small to medium spring onions/scallions, chopped

⅓ cup finely chopped capsicum/shimla mirch or 1 small to medium capsicum, chopped

½ teaspoon chopped celery, optional

¼ teaspoon black pepper powder or add as required

2 to 3 tablespoons schezwan sauce, i added 3 tablespoons

¼ teaspoon rice vinegar, optional

½ to 1 teaspoon mirin or sweet rice wine, optional

¼ cup chopped spring onions, reserve a few for garnish

salt as required

how to make the recipe:

cooking rice & corn:

rinse ½ cup basmati rice very well in water till the water runs clear of starch. then soak rice in enough water for 30 minutes. after 30 minutes drain the rice and keep aside.

in a pot or pan heat 3 cups water along with ¼ teaspoon salt. bring the water to a boil on high flame.

then add the rice. gently stir or shake the pan.

cook the rice on high flame, till it becomes al dente. this is the rapid boiling method of cooking rice. hence no need to cover the pan with any lid.

the rice should be al dente, meaning almost cooked. if you want you can cook the rice more.

then in a colander or strainer, strain the rice. gently rinse the rice with running water. this will stop cooking of the rice. cover and keep the rice aside till it cools down. the rice has to be cooled at room temperature before you add it to the stir fried schezwan corn.

when the rice is cooking, you can steam or boil one medium to large corn cob. you can steam the corn cob in a steamer or a pressure cooker. if pressure cooking, then pressure cook for 2 to 3 whistles in 1.5 cups water. you can also use 1 cup of tinned sweet corn kernels. when the corn cob become warm or cools down, slice off the corn kernels from the cob. be careful while slicing the kernels. you will need about 1 cup of corn kernels.

preparing corn schezwan fried rice:

heat 1 tablespoon sesame oil in a wok or pan. add ½ teaspoon finely chopped garlic.

saute garlic till they turn light brown.

add ⅓ cup finely chopped spring onion whites and increase the flame.

stir fry the onions on a medium to high flame till they turn translucent.

then add ⅓ cup finely chopped capsicum and ½ teaspoon chopped celery (optional) .

stir fry on medium to high flame till the capsicum is half cooked.

now add the steamed corn kernels. stir and mix very well.

lower the flame and add 2 to 3 tablespoons schezwan sauce and ¼ teaspoon black pepper powder. stir and mix very well.

add the steamed rice and add salt.

mix the rice and salt very well with the entire schezwan and corn mixture.

add ¼ teaspoon rice vinegar and ½ to 1 teaspoon mirin or sweet rice wine. skip if you do not have these. mix again.

switch off the flame and add ¼ cup chopped spring onion greens. reserve a few spring onion greens for garnish.

mix and serve schezwan corn fried rice garnished with the spring onion greens.