Cops bust Igatpuri striptease party; 13 detained


At Least 13 men and women were detained on Sunday from plush villa in Igatpuri in Nashik district from striptease party.

The Igatpuri police officials carried out a raid on Sunday midnight after a localite complained of loud music.

The police officials revealed that nearly 11 men and women were dancing to Bollywood music on Sunday night. A DJ was also detained by the police.

The footage of incident showcased girl hastening to dress up as cops ransacked the villa.

The witnesses revealed that they were having drugs and alcohol in the party. They were also making use of narcotics at the party. The police officials recovered five bottles of liquor from the area.

A car also has been taken into custody. In the party, son of ACP Traffic, Nandurbar, the nephew of the deputy superintendent of police, Nagpur, son of assistant collector of Aurangabad and the son of a PWD officer in Thane were involved.

All the detained are out on bail. One of the culprits tried to escape.

One of the charged had booked the artist young ladies on the web and had paid Rs 10,000 as progress and the rest Rs 90,000 was to be paid the following day.

When the cops took the charged to a police headquarters they started accepting calls from IAS and IPS officers in Mumbai, Nagpur and Pune. It was at exactly that point that they understood that the charged were identified with top cops and officials.

Affirming the strike, Senior Police Inspector Sanjay Shukla said the 13 individuals captured incorporate the coordinators.