Convict Shabab takes lives of 17 in car bombing attack at Somalia restaurant


MOGADISHU, Somalia — The car bombing terrorists attack was held at the gates of a hotel famous in the Somali capital especially for foreigners. They resort to the firing at a nearby restaurant.

Nearly 17 people lost their lives in the attack while 50 others were rescued by the rescuers.

The assault took place after terrorists from Shabab extremist group attacked several people including soldiers, civilians and children in northeastern Somalia.

On Wednesday, Shabab attacked at the Posh Hotel in Mogadishu. Following a car bomb explosion at the restaurant’s gates, gunmen open firing in the Pizza House restaurant.

The terrorists attacked at the restaurant when several people involving visitors from Ethiopia and Kenya had been taking pleasure in night out.

“I saw several people lying on the ground,” Yusuf Warsame, a freelance photojournalist stated. “I personally counted the dead bodies of six people, including a young woman.” He added.

It was not found that how many people were being held imprisoned on early Thursday. The speculations disclosed that Shabab was involved in the attacks.

As per the reports, The Shabab have been combating the United Nations-backed government in Mogadishu since several years. He demanded the government to enforce their strict understanding of Islam.  In 2013, he carried out attacks in Uganda and Kenya involving the Westgate Mall siege in Nairobi. Freshly, they have performed a series of attacks in Kenya that led to killing of several people in the region.

Despite of the killing of several people in attacksm Shabab’s ability to impose harm leftover intact.

The United States military conducted a drone strike in southern Somalia last Sunday against Shabab.