Controversies were done to reach the stage, says Poonam Pandey


Actress Poonam Pandey disclosed that the controversies associated with her was a part of tactics to come to the limelight.

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25-year-old actress said, "Controversies were done to reach the stage."

She added, "Luck was in my favour as controversies either put you up or put you down. Controversies worked enough for me and I am happy."

Explaining the reason for taking up such a step, she spoke about the problems girls face, who try to get into the industry without anyone to back them.

"I used to get inspired by Madhuri Dixit but I had no idea how to get into the industry. No one from my family is connected to Bollywood. When I came here, I saw people need to have either a Godfather or some other contact. It made me feel that getting here is impossible. So I thought of having my own strategy, which will be unique and different. That is why I came up and did controversies, which worked for me," she asserted.

Film “The Weekend” is directed by Aryan Singh. It is a horror story based on the couples from Delhi.

It is all set to hit the theatres on September 24.

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