Out-of-control car hit a teenage boy on bicycle and sped away, video is viral


Cops in Florida are searching for the driver of an out-of-control car that hit a young kid on a bicycle and after that sped away from the spot. The video of the horrific hit-and-run has been seen more than 10 million times since being shared online on Tuesday. The occurrence, that occurred on Monday, was caught on a homeowner’s CCTV camera and was uploaded on Facebook by a neighbor. The surveillance video demonstrates the SUV emerging from a distance and swerving on the road and hitting a parked vehicle. Seconds after the fact, the driver hits a young boy sending him flying off his bicycle.

The young boy is seen strolling towards the pavement right after the mischance, seemingly shaken by the impact. However the teen, 14-year-old Johnny Walsh, fortunately walked with just minor wounds in the mishap.

(Disclaimer: Content in this video could be disturbing for viewers)

After the crash, a white vehicle can be seen going toward the SUV. Resident Jackie Lilly, who posted the video on Facebook, informed that the white car went after the hit-and-run driver and noted down its licence plate number.

Neighbors rushed out of their homes after the mischance to check on the teen.

Here is another angle of the hit-and-run

As per Daily Mail, police have identified the owner of the SUV however not the individual who was driving the auto at the time of the mishap.