Consumption of Turnip provides benefit to health


In turnips there are a lot of antioxidants, mineral, fiber and vitamin C elements which are very beneficial for our body. Consuming turnip will strengthen the body’s immune system and it also keeps us away from many diseases. Let’s know about the benefits of consuming turnip:


Turnip is also very beneficial in fighting against serious diseases like cancer. The antioxidants and phytochemical elements present in turnip reduce the risk of cancer.

Cracked Heels

To get rid from cracked heels, cut the turnips into small pieces and put into little warm water. Now dip your feet in it. Doing this daily, will provides you relief and will softens feet.

Cold and cough

With the change of weather, there is a problem of cough and cold. To get relief, cut turnip and boil it in water. Add little sugar and consume it. This will provides you relief.


People with asthma face lot of trouble in breathing. So in Asthma consuming turnips will be beneficial.


People suffering from diabetes, consuming turnips prove to be very beneficial for them. It keeps blood sugar level controlled in the body.