Consumption of these foods reduces obesity problem


These days 90 percent of people are facing the problem of obesity due to high consumption of oily food and less physical work. People spend their 80% of time at office by sitting in front of computers. The individuals prefer to go to gym, perform yoga and do dieting to maintain their figure. To get rid of obesity, one should start eating these healthy food items:

Mixture of gram and honey works well on body, check how?

Sun-dried tomatoes contain lot of iron. You can consume it by including it in omelette, pasta, sandwich or even salad. One should also eat spinach, fenugreek and green leafy vegetables as it involves iron in great amount.

Cabbage involves lot of antioxidants, vitamins, fiber, and iron. Eat it in a form of salad. Sesame seeds are very beneficial for health. The consumption of sesame seeds help to increase the taste of food.

Intake of dried peas can be helpful for body as it involves 9 percent of iron. Drink one glass of common plum juice because Vitamin C is present in it in abundant quantity.

Negative Impact every onion lovers can face on body!

Eat dried apricots as it contains iron and other essential nutrients. You can add Iron-rich raisins in yogurt, salad or even dal to increase the taste of food.