Consumption of these food items will secretly give you ‘Body Odor’!


Your body odor depend on the type of food you guzzle. Here are few food items which increases the stinky odor in your sweat.

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According to a study, consumption of alcohol is metabolized by the liver into acetic acid. The more you drink the more smell get worse. Also bit of that alcohol is released through your sweat and your breath.

We all know that fish is highly nutritious for health and contains glorious amounts of omega-3s. But in a study it was found that people with an unpleasant body odor tested positive for an inability to break down the food-derived compound (trimethylamine). People who eat fish and other high-protein foods develop the metabolic disorder—called trimethylaminuria.

The consumption of asparagus is known for making urine smell terrible.

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It is no wrong to say that garlic stinks. After consumption, it quickly breaks down in the body and converts to other stinky substances that mingle with bacteria and seep out in your sweat.