Consuming peanuts in winter season provide several health benefits


Protein is the most needed thing in the body as it helps in the making of cells. One must consume peanuts on daily basis as it involves lot of protein. It is very beneficial for children as well as for adults.

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Peanut involves lot of protein that helps to treat stomach related disorders. Problem of Constipation can be reduced by having peanuts on daily basis. Also, the problem of gas and acidity is relieved with the consumption of peanuts. They are highly beneficial for the skin.

Peanut is very beneficial in getting rid of cold and cough. Intake of peanuts during the winter season helps to make body warm. Protein, beneficial fats, fiber, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants are found in abundance amount in peanuts. It also helps to make skin soft and smooth.

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Non-vegetarians can also consume peanut and can cure deficiency in body. There are high amounts of calcium and vitamin D found in peanuts that helps to strengthen the bones.