Consuming coffee increases age!


Every person wants to live healthy and long life. If you consume coffee it is also very beneficial for you. According to a study, everyday four cups of coffee can be your reason for longevity.

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Researchers from Spain’s Navarra Hospital have revealed that the person who drinks four cups of coffee per day consumes less than 64 per cent of the daily dose of drinking coffee. Apart from this, people who drink 2 cups of coffee per day reduce the risk of 22 per cent deaths.

Image result for coffeeThe cardiologist Navarro of D Navarra Hospital says that coffee is widely loved in the world. Hospital researchers detected mortality in this group. This study was done for an average of 10 years. A total of 337 people died during this study. But the people who always used to drink coffee had a lower mortality rate.

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In this research, 19,986 people were involved. Tell us that there have been many more studies before coffee. It was found in a study that while improving the liver system of