Conjunctivitis – A serious and common disease in Monsoon


There is a lot of moisture in the monsoon season which causes conjunctivitis. This is also called eye flu or pink eyes and it is spreaded normally like viral infection. This infection causes your eyes red and cause itching in your outer part of the eyes. Doctors say that, sometimes this situation get worse when the infection is spreaded till the cornea.

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Most cases of conjunctivitis eye are caused due to virus. Their effect on the eyes is very light and their symptoms disappear within a week. However, in many cases we get to see that patients also have secondary infection which spreads to the cornea of the eye, which takes this conjunctivitis to a serious stage.

What is Conjunctivitis- Conjunctivitis is a common and uncomfortable eye condition that can be caused by infections, allergies or irritants. The conjunctiva is a thin clear tissue covering the front of the eye. One or both eyes may be affected, and the condition can spread from one to the other.

Symptoms –

1. Redness in eyes

2. Constant itchiness

3. Blurred vision

4. Sensitivity to light

5. Swollen eyelids

6. Vision problems

7. The eyes will usually feel gritty and irritated with a sticky discharge.

8. The eyelids may be stuck together, particularly in the mornings, and there may be discharge or crusting on the eyelashes.

What you should do-

1. Never ignore the symptoms if you get eye flu

2. Symptoms like pain deep in the eyes and light sensitivity may be warning signs for a severe illness then you should consult a doctor

3. Wash your hands oftenly

4. Avoid sharing eye drops tissues and towels with another person

5. Avoid use of electronic devices like television, cellphones and video games.

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Good personal hygiene is very important to fight with any disease. After treating anyone with bacterial conjunctivitis washing of hands is very important. When washing your eyes use cotton balls with sterile water. Never double dip cotton balls in sterile water after applying once. If more balls are required than use another cotton balls don’t reuse it. Change pillow slips regularly and for kids change sheets regularly as their eyes get contacted with bedsheets and pillows oftenly.