Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi assault government on rising prices


NEW DELHI: On Thursday in Lok Sabha Congress Vice-president Rahul Gandhi completed his speech with "Arhar Modi", a crack directed at the Prime Minister (Narendra Modi) as he targeted the administration overrisisng prises. Rahul conveyed, striking out at PM Narendra Modi for weakening to check price rise, which was BJP's major census promise in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls that, Modiji, you be making false assure but please declare a date in the House by when prices will be under controlled. Rahul reminded Modi of his speech in Himachal Pradesh through the Lok Sabha movement in which he had conveyed that "bachcha raat-raat rota hain, aansoo peekar sota hai". Rahul also further asked that, it was a great touching speech but what happened to the promise? He also further conveyed that, the government renowned its second anniversary by inviting Bollywood stars but there was no mention why prices were going during the roof even though the administration brag about its policies like 'Make in India'.

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The Congress vice-president conveyed the PM had in a community gathering in Varanasi desired to work like a "chowkidar", but he had unsuccessful miserably as theft of pulses was occurrence. "In UPA regime, minimum sale price of tur was Rs 45 and market price was Rs 75 but the difference in MSP and market price has gone up to Rs 100 from Rs 30 currently," Rahul conveyed, adding that Modi should clarify who were the beneficiaries. This was Rahul's primary big speech subsequent to Congress's defeat in the previous round of meeting polls and, too many, fell short of violence. It was also, moderately, short, with sources close to him explaining that the Congress vice-president kept it that way because he wanted to focus on the theme. Rahul conveyed that the administration had unsuccessful to respond to a "critical question" on the discrepancy in the MSP and the bazaar price. He also has further conveyed that, the farmer toils continually and gets a minimum support price of Rs 50. Then he goes to the market and buys his own dal for Rs 200 per kg. Vice-president Rahul also has further conveyed that, my question is that if you (government) want to correct this, you can do it easily. You augment the supply and the price goes down. You are not doing this to help a select few. But finance minister Arun Jaitley did not answer to this question in his half-an-hour reply.

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