Congress to start campaign on Dalits’ ‘right and plight’


Congress government is planning to start a campaign on “Dalit rights and their plight” to emphasize on the harassment that they are facing under the Modi government.

The campaign will showcase the issues like Dalit flogging at Una in Gujarat and Rohit Vermula who committed suicide few days back.

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Sources in the gathering said while a preliminary meeting has been brought in Lucknow on Friday to take proposals from Dalit pioneers about the battle, another meeting will be held in the not so distant future to give a last shape to the crusade.

Till February, Congress had started a few battles and yatras concentrating on Dalits in UP. While it had taken out 'Bhim Jyoti Yatra' a year ago concentrating on SC-ruled regions, Congress VP Rahul Gandhi had tended to a 'Dalit administration meeting' in Lucknow in February, this year.

In any case, there was an inclination in the gathering that in the progressing survey crusade, there was a need to concentrate on Dalits with now BJP additionally making a decent attempt to charm them.

"We don't do legislative issues of rank like different gatherings and rather raise the voice of those in need. While the shape and size of the crusade will be chosen in Delhi, our whole group from UP will sit in Lucknow on Friday to talk about issues that can be raised," said Bhagwati Chaudhary, administrator of UP Congress SC Department, who was additionally made a senior VP of the gathering as of late. "We are going to concentrate on developing outrages against Dalits. We will uncover BJP, which is improperly guaranteeing to be their well wishers, in the midst of episodes like Una and the give an account of Rohit Vemula's position," Chaudhary included.

In the interim, after the more than one-month-long yatras — which had started not long after Congress reported another group for UP — AICC general secretary Ghulam Nabi Azad and state president Raj Babbar held a balanced meeting in Delhi on Thursday with VPs of the state units.

The VP incharges of the 18 divisions were apparently tested on likely competitors in their areas, the neighborhood conditions and criticism on the '27 saal UP Behal' and 'Kisan Yatra' of Rahul. "Since the time new group was shaped, everybody was visiting the state.

This was first the coordinated meeting," said a VP, including that the meeting will proceed on Friday.

Sources said the gathering has chosen to put off 'Rahul Sandesh Yatra' to October 15, which was planned to begin Thursday.

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