Congress ‘Save Democracy’ march against Modi Government


New Delhi. Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Friday blamed the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Rashtriya Swaymsevak Sangh (RSS) to undermine the country’s democratic foundation, warned that Modi’s resolve to destroy democracy will not come true.

Addressing the huge crowd at Jantar Mantar in ‘Save Democracy’ rally, she said, “ Modi government has failed in every front in his two year term. And now to hide the failures of his government, he is playing their old game of raising finger on the character of the opposition.”

She added, “A message for the RSS to make it clear that Congress won’t let you succeed in your intentions.” They should not underestimate the Congress. For destructing the democracy and arraign opposition, Congress will retort them inside and even outside the Parliament.

Ex Prime Minister Manmohan Singh blamed the Modi Government and BJP to work to cripple the Congress and their dream of making country Congress free would never come true.

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi committing his struggle in the interest of workers, poor and farmers scoffed BJP’s slogan of ‘Aache Din’. He said his party would contest and would even win the battle.

THE ARRESTS:  To siege Parliament during ‘Save Democracy’ rally, Congress President Sonia Gandhi, Ex- Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Vice- President Rahul Gandhi and other leaders were court arrested on Friday but were bailed after a small detention.