Congress Party President Sonia Gandhi Retires


Sonia Gandhi hinted her retirement from the post of president of congress party, party suffered lot of political crisis lately. On 15th December, 17 Friday she made a statement that “my role is to retire”.

This became the alarmed fear within Congress Party. At the same time party cleared the confusion that she’s just retiring from the post of president not, politics.

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Sonia Gandhi served 19 years of her life i.e to congress i.e. almost 2 decades, whereas she’s handling all her role and responsibilities to her son Rahul Gandhi. This outrage announcement gave a shudder to congress party. Members of the party and seniors said she’s needed by the party and president for her guidelines and a mentor, her blessings as a mother. National Congress just seemed to be really unhappy with her decision of quitting as a President of National Congress Party.

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She even said her son Rahul Gandhi has been tremendously active from last 3 years. As per the reports, Rahul Gandhi will take all role and responsibilities formally on 16th December, Saturday. He’ll be the 6th President according to the generational shift. It’s been 4 years that Rahul Gandhi has been serving as Vice- President of national congress of India and the entire country holds lot of expectations from him

Assembly Elections 2017: Voting underway in north and central Gujarat