Congress claims two birth dates of PM Modi


Ongoing disputes between the Congress and BJP on Modi's qualification is now accused by Congress for the inconsistency in his birth date. Prime Minister was questioned on the timing of his Master's degree which he pursued from the Gujarat University by the Congress party. The university had earlier refused to share information.

Senior Congress leader Shaktisinh Gohil told reporters, MN college student registrar, in which Modi attended pre-science (12th), Sir Narendra Modi's birth date is mentioned August 29, 1949. In his affidavit, he did not provide his date of birth, but his the age is mentioned. His official birth date publicly available is September 17, 1950. He showed a copy of the school register and the name of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi Damodardas Kumar, and his date of birth is written.

Gohil said, we want to know the reason behind the different birth dates. His date of birth in the passport, PAN card and rest other documents are different so what is the reason behind the different birth date.