This company offers lifetime lifelong alcohol to the customers


One company announces that in one lakh 11 thousand 171 rupees, the company will give lifelong liquor to its selected customers. This announcement was made by China’s liquor company Jiangjiaobai on 11th November, China’s biggest shopping festival, Singles Day. The company said that the offer will be available on Alibaba Company’s Teamaul platform.

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But there are certain conditions of the company, such that the offer will benefit only 99 Lucky customers. Apart from this, only one cortex will be sent every month, which will have 12 alcohol bottles. In order to avoid the possibility of any disturbance in the offer, the company has said that the winner will give a certificate to the customer so that if the company fails to deliver alcohol during the next 30 years, the entire money will be returned to the customer.

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Apart from this, customers using Alibaba’s discount coupon can also avail of this offer in less than one lakh 11 thousand 171 rupees. The company also promised that if a customer dies within five years then any other member of his family will be getting lifelong liquor.