Common Monsoon Skin Problems with Remedies


The monsoon period is here and it is time to enjoy rains and a cooler climate. What is the fun of getting wet and dancing in the rain if you end up with skin problems? The combination of humidity and heat foremost to steady sweating as well as aeration of sweat can cause a crowd of beauty and health problems for your skin, hair & scalp. Here are the most common problems with their quick remedies.

Oily skin problems:

Monsoon weather makes sebaceous glands (oil secreting glands in the skin) hyperactive. This increases oil secretion and leads to accumulation of dust and bacterial growth that also leads to skin problems such as blackheads, whiteheads and pimples.

Quick remedy: In order to ensure that the oil secretion is under control, use an alcohol-free, PH-neutralizing face wash and wash your face at least 3 times a day.

Dry skin problems:

For those with dry skin, the dryness in increased in monsoon season when skin is wet and allowed to dry as is. The moisture content from the skin is removed and without essential oils and vitamins, dry skin is in-capable of self-repair.

Quick remedy: For this, you need to use soap-free cleansers suitable for dry skin regularly and also remember to use a toner on a regular basis.

Fizzy Hair

Fizzy hair is a very common problem during monsoon. The sweat and its subsequent drying off can rid the hair of its moisture and lead to fizzy hair and even split ends.

Quick Remedy: After shampooing apply a generous amount of conditioner, avoiding the roots and leave it on for as long as possible before rinsing it off. Use a wide toothed comb or paddle brush on wet hair so that the hair is not stretched and damaged. Avoid blow dry as it can rid the hair of natural moisture. At the same time don’t leave the house with wet hair.


Monsoons can really bother people with both oily scalp & dry scalp dandruff. Constant sweating can lead to fungal infections or exaggerate already existing ones and hence enhance oily scalp dandruff. For those with a dry scalp, the dryness can increase manifolds due to the constant drying of sweat which rids the scalp (just like skin elsewhere) of natural oils.

Quick Remedy:

Lemon Juice can be very effective for all kinds of dandruff. Take juice of 1 Lemon and apply to the scalp and massage. Leave for 5 minutes and then shampoo & rinse with cold water.