Committee to submit report to Supreme Court by October 17


The technical board, constituted by the Supreme Court has presented its report today to the Supreme Court over the discharge of Cauvery water.  

Normal Life remain affected in Kashmir

Due to the water, several farmers are facing problem in Tamil Nadu.

The panel has recommended that there ought to be joint collaboration and endeavors to give some relaxation to the farmers in both the states. During the field visit, the status of the farming zones was gathered and reported in a different volume.

Some of the key features are as follows:

  1. According to the field perceptions in both the states crops have been influenced by water stretch. In Karnataka, it is blend of Paddy, maize, sugarcane, Ragi and so on while in Tamil Nadu it is Samba Paddy, turmeric and sugarcane.
  2. The standing yields in Karnataka have shriveled in a few sections of the edited range.
  3. The direct sown samba has not by any means developed and began shriveling for need of water.
  4. In Karnataka, the survived products are mid-development organize, requiring constrained time of watering and may require just 3-4 waterings/water system to survive the harvests which are pre-shrinking stage.
  5. A portion of the tanks have gone away and some have exceptionally negligible stockpiles.

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