Colourful Scenes around the world


Scenes which are colourful attracts the people most, they want to capture it. People love to feel the nature, the beauty which is surrounded across the world.


  1. Christmas Island, Australia

Each rainy season Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean witnesses one of the world’s most spectacularly colorful migrations as a moving tide of millions of crimson red crabs make their yearly pilgrimage from the island’s central forests to breed at the ocean shore.

  1. Lake Nakuru, Kenya

In the heart of the Kenyan Great Rift Valley, Lake Nakuru hosts one of the greatest bird spectacles on the planet as hundreds of thousands of greater and lesser pink Flamingos flock, in blankets of pink, to the water’s edge to feed on the lake’s algae.

  1. Mallory Square, Key West, Florida

Each night this buzzing Key West square fills with vendors, street performers, and acrobats. But the star of the show is the sky, transformed into blazing oranges, pearly pinks, and velvety purples as the sun drops into the Gulf of Mexico.

  1. The Lubéron, France

Across the seasons the Lubéron Massif is alive with color—with almond blooms, red poppies, fall foliage, and more. July is no exception; it is when regimented rows of fragrant lavender bushes peak in vibrant purple across the picturesque Provence landscape. The fields of Sénanque Abbey near Gordes provide the quintessential display.

  1. Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada

Directly under the “Aurora Oval,” Yellowknife is a northern lights hot spot where curtainlike waves of the aurora borealis twist and writhe across the vast skies of the Canadian wilderness in dazzling shades of green, yellow, purple, and red.