Colombian President, FARC boss sign peace settlement


The settlement is the consequence of almost four years of talks in Havana and was marked at a serious service 

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Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and the pioneer of the FARC rebels, Rodrigo Londoño Echeverri, nom de plume "Timochenko," on Monday marked an agreement to end 52 years of common war in the Andean country. 

The settlement is the aftereffect of about four years of talks in Havana and was marked at a serious service in Cartagena before more than 2,500 welcomed visitors, including 15 Presidents and Spain's King Juan Carlos, EFE news reported. 

Timochenko was the first to put his mark to the report, utilizing a slug changed over into a pen, intended to symbolize Colombia's entry from struggle to peace. 

The President likewise utilized a "slug pen" to sign the agreement and after that gave Timochenko a pigeon pin for his lapel. 

Grinning, the two men shook hands and traded a couple words before tolerating the congrats of the dignitaries who went along with them on the stage, including UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Cuban President Raul Castro and Norwegian Foreign Minister Borge Brende, whose nations have served as underwriters of the peace procedure. 

Likewise present were the pioneers of different countries that have bolstered the exertion, for example, Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro, Chile's Michelle Bachelet and Rafael Correa of Ecuador. 

Santos and Timochenko started the assention in August in Havana and Colombians will go to the surveys on Sunday for a choice on the settlement. 

The record builds up a timetable for the FARC to set out their arms and turn into a lawful political association, and also a worldwide check component to guarantee that both sides satisfy their responsibilities.

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