Colombian government, rebels reach historic peace agreement



Bogota : The Columbian government and the outlawed Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia (FARC)  reached a historic agreement to conclude the peace negotiations that started nearly four years.

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The final document was endorsed on Wednesday by the chief negotiator of the FARC delegation, commander Ivan Marquez,and his government counterpart Humberto de la Calle, followed by the representatives of the guranator countries,Rodolfo Benitez of Cuba and Dag Nylander of Norway.

De la Calle stressed the significance of the deal to end the suffering of the Colombian people, saying that” the best thing we did to end the war was to sit down to talk about peace” .

“it is the moment to give a peace a chance,”he added.

The peace accord will be submitted to a popular plebiscite for the Colombian people to have the final say on the end of qa 52-year civil war.

The negotiating process,which began in Novemeber 2012 in Havana, saw Columbia and the FARC reach agreements on mechanisms for access to land for poor famers, on transforming the guerrilla movement into a political party, on the fight against drug trafficking,omn mine clearance, and on the search for missing persons.

The conflict between the Columbia government and the FARC started in the 1960s as uprising for land rights.

It has left abgout 26,000 people dead 45,000 missing and nearly 7 million displaced.according to officials figures.

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