Colombia revives stalled peace talks with ELN rebels


The renegades and government authorities said Monday that formal peace talks would start Oct. 27 in Ecuador.Colombia's legislature and renegades from the National Liberation Army have consented to resuscitate a slowed down peace exertion, giving a help to President Juan Manuel Santos as he tries to recoup from voters' stunning dismissal of an arrangement with the much-bigger FARC guerrilla assemble. 

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The dissidents and government authorities said Monday that formal peace talks would start Oct. 27 in Ecuador. In an announcement from Venezuela, whose communist government is co-supporting the peace procedure, the guerrilla gather known as the ELN submitted itself to liberating two hostages it has been holding for a considerable length of time before the discussions start. 

The two sides reported in March that they would begin peace talks. However, the discussions never got off the ground after Santos requested the ELN deny abducting after its contenders took an unmistakable government official captive.Earlier Monday, the gathering gave over to the International Red Cross a rice agriculturist it had held hostage for a considerable length of time. It was the third individual liberated by the gathering in a region close to Colombia's eastern fringe with Venezuela in the previous two weeks. 

Of the two residual prisoners the most conspicuous is legislator Odin Sanchez, who in April gave himself over to the revolutionaries keeping in mind the end goal to secure the arrival of his sibling, a previous legislative leader of Choco state. The ELN had been requesting a $1 million payment for his discharge. 

Santos, champ of the current year's Nobel Peace Prize, has staked his administration on consummation a half century of wicked battle in Colombia. Be that as it may, subsequent to marking an arrangement with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia before world pioneers on Sept. 26, he's looked as his expectations for peace were broken by voters' dismissal of the understanding in a submission only six days after the fact. 

From that point forward, Santos has been scrambling to construct a more extensive coalition in backing of peace, one that would incorporate the restriction and convey the ELN to the arranging table. 

The ELN is Colombia's second-biggest revolt gather, with an expected 1,500 warriors, and generally funds its rebellion through blackmail and kidnappings. Like the FARC, it is characterized by the U.S. government as an outside fear based oppressor association. 

Dissimilar to the worker based FARC, the ELN imparts a convention to other radical uprisings in Latin America that were framed by urban understudies and learned people in the wake of the Cuban Revolution.

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