Colombia President Juan Manuel Santos fight with FARC to end on October 31


Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos alleged on Tuesday that the fighting with FARC rebels will finish on October 31 as both sides are in rush to find a result of the half-century clashes after voters declined a peace deal.

The chief of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) Rodrigo Londono wrote on Twitter to know,"And after that, the war continues?"

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Only a day prior, he had pledged the guerrillas would keep on observing the truce notwithstanding the choice results.

"I trust we can push ahead… to understand the important consent to discover an answer for this contention," Santos said in a broadcast address from the presidential castle.

As a major aspect of his endeavors to rescue the peace bargain on which he has staked his legacy, Santos arrangements to meet with his previous manager and current adversary Alvaro Uribe at the presidential castle. The high-stakes meeting comes after Colombians on Sunday barely voted against an arrangement Uribe had censured as excessively indulgent on the radical guerrillas – tossing the about four-year-old peace process into disorder and giving the previous president a noteworthy triumph.

Santos is battling on two fronts after the unforeseen result: he should discover a bargain arrangement worthy to both the hardliners in Uribe's camp and the FARC.

The legislature and the FARC have had a truce set up since August 29, five days after the two sides secured a peace bargain taking after five years of exhausting arrangements in Cuba. The truce had initially been proposed to be perpetual.

The administration's central peace mediator, Humberto de la Calle, has come back to Havana to see whether the FARC is interested in modifying the deal.

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